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Welcome is all about removing the barriers which prevent you from finding out just how good you could be no matter how old you are or where you are starting out in duathlon running or cycling.

The business started in 1999 as and has grown in reputation as a Duathlon specialist. Duathlon specific training sessions, plans and programmes are subtly different to those for Triathlon due, in part, to the two run structure but also due to the unique nature of many Du courses and the structure of the sport with it's 'two seasons a year' format. Many of the company's services are still used by runners and pure cyclists due to the wealth of experience at hand but for the athlete looking for the tri-free ultimate in Duathlon specific perfection your search stops here.

As well as conventional coaching and training programmes it offers a range of services which aim to remove as many barriers to performance as possible. These might be a lack of structure in training, inefficient bike positioning, inefficient or injury prone running form, a negative mental approach to competing or a plethora of other shackles which often go unnoticed.

In short, sets out to focus in on you being the best you can be within the constraints of your physical attributes and lifestyle. For some that will mean becoming World or National champion and for others it will be finishing a local race ahead of their mates. Either way, the journey to becoming ‘unlocked’ is the same and it starts by asking “how good could I be?”

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Founding Coach:
Jez Cox

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Training Plans

Currently not taking bookings due to being at capacity. Please check back in future

This is’s most popular service. All clients embarking on a training programme start with an initial planning period where goals are set and the upcoming year is periodised alongside a 5 year plan should that suit the client. All training programmes come with that initial macro plan and have built into them specifically periodised sections which break down and focus on the vital components that make up the unlocked athlete.

All clients receive a massively detailed session planner and completely personalised day to day training programme in excel format which has training sessions and lifestyle reminders worked into it. It should be said that unlike many other coaching companies now operating worldwide I pride myself on the personal approach. I don’t use any fancy software or formulae and I never copy or cut and paste training. I want to get to know a client and understand how their life works in order to tailor the plan perfectly. This often involves discussions about what time they put the kids to bed or have to walk the dog or which hill to use for a specific session for instance and then from there I work out the optimal way of getting the training to mesh perfectly with their life so that they have the very best chance of becoming the best they can be within those constraints.

All of my plans come in 1 month blocks and are massively detailed right the way down to when to stretch, when to ice, nutritional guidelines, warm ups and race specific focuses. They are also designed to be flexible by the athlete keeping in contact with me as the plan unfolds and life’s inevitable hurdles appear.


  • Monthly training programme with coach contact : £65
  • One off 3 month block training programme tailored to a specific goal: £150

For more info or any questions simply use the contact form or email me.

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Neil loves his training plans

Andy thrives with HGCIB


360 Coaching

Currently not taking bookings due to being at capacity. Please check back in future

I also offer what I call 360° Coaching to a limited number of athletes. You don’t have to be at at Elite level or anywhere near it but you do need to be ready to tune every available part of your life which is free in to becoming the best possible athlete in your chosen sport. This type of coaching is suitable for someone who has set themselves a big specific goal and wants to commit totally to making it happen. 360° clients will not only receive weekly training programmes but are allowed unlimited coach contact and will experience a very close working relationship with up to 5 sessions a month being done with me and sometimes with some of my associate coaches as well. 360° coaching also involves bi-weekly sports massage and access to all the services including integrated bike fits, one to one work and sports psychology. In short I do everything except run and ride for you! Applicants for this type of coaching must live within 40 miles of St Albans (AL49TZ) or be prepared to travel regularly to some of the sessions if living further afield.


  • £250 per month

For any training plan enquiries simply use the contact form or email me.

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Susan drops minutes off her times

Phil finds inspiration and fun


One to One

My one to one sessions can be tailored to work on virtually any aspect of Running, Cycling or Duathlon. Most of the sessions take place near to where I live in St.Albans, Hertfordshire but London/South East based sessions are not uncommon as are sessions where I work with small groups.

  • All one to one sessions cost £50 and last between 1-1.5 hours
  • Group discounts can be arranged. Just email
  • Longer sessions can be arranged and discounted after discussion

My most popular sessions are technique based one off sessions which focus on optimal form and then the 5 key sessions to boost either cycling or running efficiency.

All one to one sessions come with a written breakdown of the session with details of how and when to use the specific methods.

One to one Strings method™ Run technique and efficiency session with 5 key sessions:

  • I teach and practice the vital components of my own take on run technique known as the Strings™ method. This is a hybrid of the best parts of the popular ‘Pose’ method and Danny Dreyer’s popular ‘Chi Running’ method. It’s based on simple but powerful mental focuses which the body ‘learns’ as optimal technique.
  • I take clients through the technique step by step and then a series of Drills to reinforce it before then working through the other 4 key sessions which make up the optimally balanced run training programme all the time checking that the new found efficiency is not lost in the new sessions.

One to one Bike form and 5 key sessions.

  • The session starts by implementing the foundations of smooth and powerful pedalling and then builds through, applying these to the 5 key sessions which isolate and focus on: bike specific strength (force), pedalling Suplesse (ability to turn smooth, efficient circles), recognition and maintenance of threshold training, the focus of using others to draw you to better performances (partner work) , top end ‘sharpening’ and the importance of speed work in a plan.
  • A popular option is to book a full bike bit which is then followed by a one to one session in which the rider adjusts to the new position out on the road or trail whilst trying out advanced bike handling drills and the key efficiency based training sessions to take away with them. This costs £250 and takes around 3-4 hrs

For more info or any questions simply use the contact form or email me.

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The Collins' improve their riding

Carl goes from novice to elite


Bike Fitting

Currently not taking bookings due to being at capacity. Please check back in future’s bike fitting service is now well known throughout the multisport world. I have fitted National and World champions, Pro cyclists, Paralympic medallists, complete beginners, children and probably most pleasingly of all, those who have been riding in the same inefficient position for years and hadn’t realised just how much improvement can be made by a world class bike fitter. It all takes place at my base in St Albans, Hertfordshire but I have performed bike fits elsewhere in the past. Just ask.

Suitable for;

  • Road bikes
  • Time Trial/Triathlon bikes
  • Mountain bikes

Don’t have a bike yet? As an additional free service I can help you chose the right bike for you, find it at the best price through my knowledge of the market and then fit you on it. It can even be delivered straight to my door so that you don’t have to put it together!

Bike Fit Cost

  • Complete bike fit with biomechanical assessment and diagrams (2 hrs avg time): £200

My technique starts with a carefully focussed physiological assessment in order for me to build a flexibility and range of motion profile. This provides me with pointers which can often be corrected and then their impact on the riders ‘centre line equilibrium’ is applied to the actual bike fitting.

The fitting itself starts with optimal cleat and foot alignment and then works its’ way up through leg angles, knee/pedal alignment and uses power readings and cadence work to spot and eliminate inefficiencies and dead-spots in the pedal revolutions. Similar to my training plans, my system does not rely on formulae and computer software but instead years of experience and training. My fitting results speak for themselves and thankfully, so do my clients:

For more info or any questions simply use the contact form or email me.

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Martin's bike fit stops his lower back pain

Neil gets sorted biomechanics

Tom stops cramp and PBs

Clare's fit improves her threshold power

Alvin notices a immediate improvement

Liz's fit means she enjoys her bike


Training Camps

We are working with a number of exciting partners both in mainland Europe and the UK to bring you some exciting day, weekend and week long residential training camps in 2017 and 2018.

Duathlon Masterclass

Our last duathlon masterclass was at Redbridge Cycling Centre on 8th March 2015

This four hour coached course includes run and bike technique clinics and simulated races. On offer is an afternoon of quality coaching for intermediate and beginner duathletes and triathletes on a closed road circuit with world class coaches.

The session is suitable for both sexes. A reasonable level of fitness will help you get more from it. The sessions are designed to be challenging for a wide range of fitness levels and no one should feel under or over stretched.

The course will be instructed by Jez and Leda Cox, who are both well qualified Coaches and leaders in this field.

Full details of the Duathlon Masterclass are here.

Sign up here

Please sign up soon as places are filling very fast.

Do use our contact form if you are interested in camp and training day opportunities and feel free to follow us on Twitter for updates on our latest developments as they unfold.

Christmas Vouchers

All of the training days can be purchased as CHRISTMAS VOUCHERS.
Give a Friend or loved one the gift of a sporting performance boost this year.  Just email Leda to arrange a special personalised glossy voucher for any of the training sessions.

We also offer vouchers for bike fits and sports therapy treatment so do just get in touch with your requirements or present ideas.

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Sports Psychology

As a qualified level 3 professional Sports Psychologist I am actively involved in helping athletes both within Cycling Running and Duathlon as well as from other sports find ways of unlocking mental pathways to greater sporting performances.

  • Have you tried every type of training and yet still don’t reach what you think you are capable of?
  • Do you seem to feel great in training and then ‘blocked’ in races?
  • Do nerves get the better of you on race day?
  • How do you feel about ‘you – the athlete’? Frustrated? Envious of others?
  • Have you ever tried getting competitive with your ego?

Ever had one of those races or competitions where ‘everything just seems to come together’? Sports psychology is all about getting your brain to remember the complex neural pathways and signals that lead to that happening and being able to reproduce that mental programming when ever you need it.

My service can be adapted for the individual but most clients find that 4 face to face sessions where sufficient ‘homework’/practice time is left between them works. These vital sessions are best done face to face but there is the option of doing them over the phone or by webcam so therefore there are two prices:

  • 4 one to one sports psychology consultation sessions of about 40 minutes each
  • Face to face: £200
  • Remote (phone or web): £150
  • One off sessions for those on a training programme: £40

For more info or any questions simply use the contact form or email me.

Sports psychology image

Meet the coach

Jez Cox

As a coach Jez has worked with national and world champion duathletes and triathletes , pro cycling teams, paralympic medallists, stockbrokers, shop owners and even a professional clown! Jez started his own sporting life racing cyclo cross in West London at the age of 12 and he soon progressed to road cycling working his way up to Elite status by the age of 21. Not long after, he began racing full time in Europe, initially based in the Auvergne and then in the North of France. It was here that he attended ‘bike fit school’ and began a life long obsession with perfection through bike fitting and ergonomics. In the winter of 2002 Jez’s then coach suggested he tried duathlon as a winter training aid and he never looked back, turning down a contract to race in the French first division of road cycling in order to pursue much less lucrative duathlon goals. Since doing so he has won over 80 duathlons and has gone on to achieve his duathlon goals of becoming British number one and breaking into the worlds’ top 20 at World Cup level.

You can read more about Jez’s racing exploits and adventures at

It is during this time that Jez has also built his coaching business and started the worlds first pure duathlon coaching initiative, and began coaching and bike fitting many of the UK and Europe’s best duathletes and cyclists. As time has gone by more triathletes, runners and cyclists have come to use Jez’s services as well as a hardcore of those who want to work with a duathlon specialist.


  • Level 3 Core Coaching Award
  • Level 3 Road and Time Trial Coach
  • Level 2 British Cycling Coach
  • Level 2 Mountain Bike Discipline Specific Coach
  • Level 2 Road and TT Discipline Specific Coach
  • British Athletics LIRF Coach
  • Long time British Cycling lead Go-Ride coach
  • Level 3 Professional Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • French based Hinault bike fit school graduate
  • Member of Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches (SHTC)
  • Affiliation of Ethical & Professional Therapists (AEPT)

For more info or any questions simply use the contact form or email me.

Jez Cox at speed

Partner Companies

And finally...

All of the services and prices listed above are the fixed and most commonly used ones. There is no limit to the amount of time you use any of them and you can stop or change them at any point. If you don’t see what you are looking for or you would like to use a combination of services then packages, plans, sessions and camps can be tailored to your exact requirements. What ever your thoughts, ideas or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with no obligation at all.

Just use the contact form or email me.

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